Buffalo March for Science Blog

Welcome to our blog!

On behalf of the organizational committee, we thank you for taking an interest in our event. My name is Jonathan, I am an undergraduate student, biomedical research assistant, and an event organizer for the Buffalo March for Science. Due to recent concerns regarding the future of the American scientific infrastructure, many from the large scientific and professional communities in Western New York have come together to organize an event in solidarity with the March for Science in Washington, D.C. on April 22nd, 2017. Through the efforts of our volunteer organizers, we have assembled a group of local scientists, educators, programmers, students and concerned citizens. Our movement aims to promote diversity within science, not only along gender, racial or socioeconomic lines, but among different occupations as well. Those involved with this event share one common goal, the promotion of science as an inclusive means of prosperity for all people. We hope this blog will serve as a representation of the diversities of thought within our community, as well as highlight the efforts of local citizens to promote science and science education at a grassroots level. Stay tuned for event updates, and for new posts from our talented and diverse staff.